Letter to Campus Security

The Chairman

Thursday, April 8, 1993

Officer William J. Canavally
Department of Public Safety
Visitors Information Center

Officer Canavally:

Enclosed please find a videocassette of a telephone call placed by The F**k ('96) to Department of Public Safety. The F**k fraudulently claimed to be James Gateau ('96) and falsely reported that drunken individuals were banging on Gateau's door to do him bodily harm. Immediately after this phone call was placed from a pay-phone in the D.C.C., The F**k dropped 200+ tennis balls down the C.I.I. stairwell. The F**k made the call to keep D.P.S. away from the C.I.I. during his drop. According to D.P.S. dispatches monitored by a radio hobbyist, three D.P.S. units were dispatched to assist Gateau. Falsely reporting this incident was dangerous and against institute policy (lying to an institute official, etc.). It may also violate federal and/or state laws against "phone-fraud." The F**k was aware of this when he made the call.

I have also enclosed a transcript and audio cassette of a conversation between The F**k and another individual in which he admits to making the call. I have hi-lighted the appropriate section. The F**k also acknowledged that he was aware of the seriousness of this crime in the transcript.

Approximately two days before The F**k dropped a Christmas tree down the stairwell, he placed another fraudulent phone call to D.P.S. in which he claimed to be David LaChance ('96). He claimed that snowballs were being thrown at LaChance's window. At least two D.P.S. units were dispatched to LaChance's room. The area surrounding #### Hall was searched and LaChance was interviewed.


The Chairman