Letter to One of The F**k's Victims

April 8, 1993

James Gateau
228 Crockett Hall

Mr. Gateau:

Enclosed please find an audio cassette of a prank phone-call made to Department of Public Safety by The F**k of 325 #### Hall. In the call, The F**k claims to be you and says that there are drunken individuals banging on your door. Public Safety dispatc hed three units to assist you. The F**k made this call after you reported that you saw glass bottles being thrown out of his window. As a result, he had to stop throwing bottles and was "slightly displeased" with your report.

Also enclosed is an excerpt from a transcript between The F**k and another individual in which he discusses the fraudulent call. A copy of the tape and transcript have been sent to Department of Public Safety's Officer William Canavally. I suggest that you contact him and insist that they take action against The F**k.

A picture of The F**k is also enclosed. He always wears a baseball cap. He is between 5' 2" and 5' 4" and frequently plays tennis in the Armory between 11:00PM and 1:00AM. He also frequents the Union games room.

The F**k is also responsible for numerous prank phone-calls made to your room.