Letter to Dorm Area Coordinator

April 12, 1993

Douglas Nolder
Area Coordinator
Residence Life
Commons West

Mr. Nolder:

Enclosed please find a videotape of The F**k of 325 #### Hall throwing glass bottles out of #### Hall on to the pavement below and dropping objects down the C.I.I. stairwell. As you may remember, The F**k met with you in January and claimed that drunk pe ople that he referred to as "jocks" were responsible for the glass breakage. He also claimed that the C.I.I. drops were perpetrated by people who did not live in #### Hall.

In addition to lying to you, The F**k also lied to X, the Department of Public Safety and the Associate Dean of Students. He has an obvious pattern of lying. I suggest that you contact the Dean of Students Office to have The F**k disciplined for lying t o an Institute official.