The F**k's Follow-Up Letter from the Dean of Students

Dean of Students Office

April 2, 1993

Dear THE F**K:

This is to confirm our conversation on April 2, 1993, in which we discussed your involvement violating Institute rules. We discussed your violation of the Grounds for Disciplinary Action, Sections #1, #3, #8 and #10. These sections are thoroughly described on pages 9 and 10 of the 1991-1993 Rensselaer Handbook.

Specifically, for vandalism, disorderly conduct and safety violations.

Based on your actions, I am placing on Disciplinary Probation effective April 2, 1993, and continuing until May 15, 1995. Disciplinary Probation is defined as a serious warning which places you in a situation where further violation of Institute rules will be regarded more seriously and may result in either suspension or expulsion. It is strongly suggested that you discuss with your parents your current situation.

In addition, you must pay restitution of $255.94 to Environmental Services by May 31, 1993, for damages caused. You must also perform seventy (70) hours of community service with Environmental Services. The first ten (10) hours must be completed by May 30, 1993. The remaining sixty (60) hours must be completed by January 1, 1994. Please contact Suzanne Busta at 276-6629 for your schedule.

A copy of this letter will remain in your file until your graduation. After that time, it will be removed at your request.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to contact me at 276-4051.


Melanie McCulley
Associate Dean of Students


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