Campus Security Press Release

Public Safety Press Release

For More Information, Call:
William Denn
Public Information Unit
For Release 11:12 AM ES
March 19, 1993

Prank Causes Safety Hazard

A group of students claimed responsibility for creating safety hazards, committing numerous acts of criminal mischief (vandalism) and trespassing in order to litter the campus with large amounts of food and refuse. On February 27, 1993, Public Safety officers discovered a serious safety problem in the CII stairwell. Hundreds of hamburgers, ketchup, and food items had been thrown from the upper levels of the stairwell to the bottom of the stairwell. A note of explanation found at the scene, written by "The Rensselaer Drop Squad", claimed responsibility for the mess.

Among items that this group has admitted "dropping" (from high places) is:

* a large pumpkin

* nine medium pumpkins

* snow

* tennis balls

* videotape

* a Christmas tree

* an office chair (in pieces)

* a typewriter

* phonograph records

* newspapers

* a coffee pot

* fruit

* hamburgers